Sistem Hotel

Tentang Kami

Hotel Medan is privately-owned company that was established in 1939 by Mr. Tan Seng Hong The business was originally started with a Chinese Restaurant named Yen Chin and then followed by seven guests room on top of the restaurant. When Aceh was invaded by Japan in 1942, the hotel business did not make lots of profit until Japan's surrender in 1945. After Indonesia declared its independence, the hotel business started to grow. Most of our guests were coming from outstation, especially Medan, North Sumatera. We named the hotel after Medan city. During tsunami 2004, the hotel lobby was flooded but there was no damage to the building. There was a ship stranded right in front of the hotel entrance and it was a trademark for Hotel Medan until it has been evacuated few months later. A week after that catastrophe, we started to clean up and renovated the hotel. Many guest were started coming and most of them were foreigners who came to rebuild this city